Spiritual Awakenings International®
Conference 2024
Saturday & Sunday, June 8 - 9, 2024
Spiritual Awakenings International®
Conference 2024
Saturday & Sunday, June 8 - 9, 2024
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2023 Ground Breaking Circle of Honor Speakers

Dr. Emma Bragdon, PhD
Dr. Emma Bragdon PhD
Dr. Emma Bragdon PhD
Dr. Jeffrey Long - USA​
Dr. Jeffrey Long MD
Dr. Jeffrey Long MD
Jyoti Ma - USA
Jyoti Ma
Jyoti Ma
[Dr. Jeneane Prevatt, PhD]
Dr. Yvonne Kason MD - Canada​
photo of Dr Yvonne Kason MD from Canada, President of Spiritual Awakenings International, author, researcher, STE and NDE Experiencer
Dr. Yvonne Kason MD

Join us for Spiritual Awakenings International annual online conference with renowned experts and fascinating Experiencers from around the world.


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Conference Agenda


Opening Meditation - Connecting with Spirit

We will spend a few minutes connecting with our inner spirit, accessing the stillness, calm, peacefulness and love that we inherently radiate from our own being-ness, to set the intention to rest in calm, peace and goodwill throughout the SAI Conference.

The NDE Zone: Connected by the Light from the Cosmic to the Subatomic

Since the dawn of human history, people have reported Near-Death Experiences, Shared-Death Experiences, Deathbed Visions and After-Death Communication. Mark will show how these occur when a human’s “electromagnetic soul” interfaces with the Afterlife Frequency, “The NDE Zone,” between our material world dimension and the Other Side dimension.

How 20-40,000 Brazilian Spiritists Care for Individuals in Spiritual Emergency

For 100+ years Brazilian Spiritists have offered effective support for individuals having difficulty integrating Spiritually-Transformative Experiences. Spiritists recognize that non-ordinary states may be markers of God-given gifts that need to be understood and harnessed to serve humanity. Healers, mediums, and medical intuitives often begin their journeys after STEs.

Supporting STE Experiencers Panel

Isabel Clark – Hope and Support for Travellers between the Worlds: the Work of the UK Spiritual Crisis Network. The UK Spiritual Crisis Network, founded in 2005, provides online support, face-to-face groups, volunteer training, and conferences to increase awareness of STEs, spiritual emergencies, and their journey of transformation. 

Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada – Transe-Cognition: A Coherent Hermeneutics of Spiritual Awakening. EUROTAS President, will describetranse-cognition,” which focuses on stages of thinking in addition to states of consciousness and propose a non-dual, supra-rational way of thinking to help integrate transpersonal experiences (STEs).

The Spiritual Emergence of Mother Earth

We are living in unprecedented and prophetic times. The Mother Earth is in Her ascension process. If we can recognize this as Her spiritual emergence process, we can learn to listen to her and what she needs. The Original Peoples of this earth can help us learn how to awake to these times, and the birthing of The New Dawn.

Kundalini Awakening: Maps of the Journey

Kundalini, the power of boundless Consciousness to know Itself both as finite and infinite, is known by many names in different traditions – Holy Spirit, Goddess, Divine Mother, and Bhagavati Maha Prajnaparamita. Awakening to this boundless power of Universal Consciousness can be profoundly disorienting to the ordinary mind. 

Near-Death Experiencers Panel

Dr. Louise Livingstone PhD, My Speaking Heart. Louise’s spiritual awakening was driven by losing faith in her own heart’s ability to keep her alive, and consequent severe depression. In a moment poised between life and death, Louise’s heart reached out and spoke to her, waking her from a deep slumber to a more expanded experience of life.

Rev. Dr. Norma Edwards D.Div., Awakening To Oneness. In 1966, Norma Edwards died on an operating table and had a life-changing Near-Death Experience. On the other side of the veil she gained profound life-changing insight on love/light, reincarnation, and the Akashic Records.

Don Hoes, Developing Love and Kindness for Higher Consciousness.When 11 years old, Don had an NDE after falling into an icy pond. At 13, he began meditating and immediately felt compelled to continue with a regular practice to go deeper into higher status of consciousness. He believes we are designed to have STEs, and one does not have to be near-death to explore other realms.

Lewis Brown Griggs, 3 Near-Death STEs. March 11, 1977, in a car wreck, Lewis had a NDE ‘Conversation with God’ in the Light. Then later in 1997, Lewis sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury in a rafting accident resulting in an eight-day coma. His most recent dramatic NDE was on a Covid-19 respirator in the ICU.

Spiritually Transformative Experiences/Consciousness Researchers Panel

Monique Rebelle, The Third Chakra Mind And Consciousness Beyond ItMonique will share a new view on Kundalini and chakras, basic information about “Our Multidimensional Consciousness System,” focusing on dimensions of perception. 

Dr. Danny Geren, L.Ac. DAOM, My Personal Journey of Helping Spirits Cross Over Into the Light. Dr. Danny Geren became aware of the presence of spirits/ghosts.  This led him to learn to help them work through their karma to leave the earthly plane, and to his own healing of spirit possessions.

Dr. Mona Sobhani, PhD, My Search for Proof of Spiritual Phenomena. A cognitive neuroscientist tells how life-changing events initiated her transformation from a die-hard materialist into an open-minded spiritual seeker. She shares her search for both scientific and personal “proof” that there’s an unseen dimension to life. 

David Gerrelli, An Objective Scientific Interpretation on Why People Have Distressing NDEs. David Gerrelli did years of technology and data science-based research to analyze thousands of NDE reports. He addresses the questions: Are you destined for Hell? If so, what can you do about it? If you find yourself in Hell, how do you escape?

SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 2023

Música de Roxana Río - Spanish Music by Roxana Río

Muchas personas me conocen por mis canciones. Desde pequeña me dediqué a la música y tengo más de 35 años en este medio.  Pero a principios del 2021 mi vida dió un giro con la creación de un programa de entrevistas sobre espiritualidad llamado “En Sintonía Con Tu Presencia.” Lo mío es unir la música y la espiritualidad en esta nueva era. 

Panel de Experiencias Espiritualmente Transformadoras en Español

En Español - In Spanish only

Ana Cecilia González, MEd – Mis Regalos Espirituales. Ana Cecilia nos compartirá cómo desde que inició su vida, con un inminente pronóstico de muerte, no solo la marcó, sino que le abrió las puertas a un sinfín de Experiencias Espiritualmente Transformadoras. Esto la hizo sentirse distinta y que no pertenecía. Eran regalos que le ayudaban a encontrar su propósito, pero ella no lo sabía.

Francisco Valentín – Como mi EET me llevó a expandir mi conciencia. 
Francisco Valentín va a compartir como sus múltiples EET lo llevaron a expandir su conciencia más allá de la realidad que muchos vivimos.

La Dra. Ingrid Honkala, PhD – Las Consecuencias de mi Experiencia Cercana a la Muerte en la Niñez.
Aunque sus ECMs y sus subsecuentes Experiencias Extracorpóreas y demás Experiencias Espiritualmente Transformadoras (EETs) le dieron dones increíbles, pasó la mayor parte de su vida sintiéndose diferente y muy sola.

AJ Parr – Experiencias Espiritualmente Transformadoras, salir del Closet Espiritual, y el Amanecer de la Expansión de la Conciencia. 
AJ Parr hablará sobre sus múltiples EET, las cuales dispararon sus investigaciones espirituales, así como su más  investigación sobre Experiencias Cercanas a la Muerte, y por qué guardó silencio durante la mayor parte de su vida con respecto a sus experiencias personales a pesar de haber escrito más de veinte libros espirituales. 

Evidence of the Afterlife: Groundbreaking New Findings from the Largest Study of Near-Death Experiences Ever Reported

Jeffrey Long, M.D. has scientifically studied over 4000 Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). He will share powerful evidence of the afterlife from twelve lines of evidence. Dr. Long will present his current groundbreaking investigation of the content of NDEs that address humankind’s ageless questions which include: Is there an afterlife? What is it like? 

Kundalini Awakening: A Key to STEs & Expanded Spiritual Consciousness

Dr. Yvonne Kason had a Kundalini Awakening in 1976, which prompted her to research this powerful STE. She will describe key kundalini features, after-effects on body, mind, and spirit, and how it starts a long-term process of spiritual transformation, with “psycho-spiritual housecleaning,” many STEs, and expansion of the range of consciousness.

Spiritual Emergency Experiencers Panel

Sean Blackwell, The Spiritual Dimension of Bipolar Disorder. Many think spiritual awakening and bipolar disorder are completely different experiences, one beneficial and the other damaging. Sean’s experience and research shows no clear separation between the two, and bipolar disorder may have a powerful spiritual component. 

Dr. Ann Berger-Knorr, BS, MEd, PhD, Wings Unfolding: A Spiritually Transformative Experience. Dr. Ann Berger-Knorr will share nine After-Death Communications (ADCs) that she experienced with various family members over the span of four years. One ADC catapulted her into a Spiritual Emergency which lasted for over two years.

Ellen Drummonds Curtis, Navigating Epiphany: Delusions of Grandeur as Vehicles for the Channeling of the Higher Self. This presentation carries the aim of vitalizing the human spirit toward a proud hope and profound vision of the Spiritual Awakening Journey on which we are all meant to tread, with diagnosis of mental-health conditions as a Heavenly representation of the Divine communicating through and into the material realm of the healing Matrix.

2:30 PM PDT

Miraculous Dolphin Rescue from Shark Attack – An Amazing Mystical Experience with Dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean

Anne Archer Butcher was rescued by dolphins from an imminent shark attack on a bright and sunny holiday. Dolphins surrounded her in waist deep water and performed what could only be described as a ceremony! This extraordinary mystical occurrence changed her life forever and opened a floodgate of Spiritually Transformative Experiences.

4:00 PM PDT

Discover The Real Meaning of the Life You Planned BEFORE You Were Born

Hypnotist Rob Schwartz thinks each of us plans the circumstances, relationships, and major challenges we will experience in our upcoming lifetime, before we are born. He will share how we can gain insight into our life plan. This helps to gain understanding of the spiritual meaning and purpose of the relationships and challenges in our lives.   

5:30 PM PDT

STE Experiencers Panel

Dr. Jean C. MacPhail, Ph.D., MB, ChB., Pravrajika Gayatriprana (Vedantic nun), Lived Life-cycles: Experiences Along the WayA lifetime of profound STEs falls into a pattern of four cycles of twenty years. Every one of these was related to intense external stress, and all served to neutralize the stress and help to keep moving forward and to thrive.

Althea Watson, A Sighting of the Virgin Mary on the Wall of an Expressway Ramp Draws Crowds. In April 2005, a Sighting of the Virgin Mary on the Wall of an Expressway Ramp Drew Crowds. As news of the sighting circulated hundreds of people gathered. Althea will share stories from witnesses and her own STE which took her to her soul changing her perspective forever.

Kristin Lemaster, MIM, What Comes Next? Living a Soul-Aligned Life After Waking Up. A scientist and engineer, Kristin went on to study more than 30 energy modalities over the last 20 years, Kristin strives to help people align their lives with their energy for greater ease and fulfillment.  She learned to let her spirit lead in all aspects of life.

Dr. Sha’alah Ivory, PhD, B.Ed, formerly R.M. & C.P.M., Head or Heart? Harnessing the Spiritual Power of the “Left Brain.” Sha’alah sees the popularity of hatha and bhakti yoga (physical and devotional), and ‘mindfulness’ practices for spiritual growth. Citing her own powerful STEs coming from jnana (intellectual) yoga practice, she suggests that many spiritual traditions already include such paths for the benefit of the many ‘left-brained’ practitioners. 

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NOTE: all events will be presented in English except the Spanish Experiencers Panel which will be presented en Español.

* Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE) was first coined by Dr. Yvonne Kason MD in 1994