Spiritually Transformative Experiences

blue converging waves

STE After-Effects

After-Effects of Spiritually Transformative Experiences A long-term change happens after the awakening STE.  After their first or spiritual awakening STE, many Experiencers find themselves launched

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meditating figure shining light

Spiritual Emergencies

Spiritual Emergencies “Spiritual Emergency” refers to a crisis during one’s spiritual transformation.  Spiritual emergencies may happen after dramatic STEs and due to challenging unusual states

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Photo by Robert Bare - Shamanic Animal encounters bald eagle skimming the surface of water

Shamanic Animal Encounters

Shamanic Animal Encounters Shamanic Animal Encounters are unusual meaningful encounters with animals. Many STE Experiencers find that after their spiritual awakening they begin to have

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NDE image - Person standing in the clouds in dark blue sky, looking into tunnel of light

Near-Death Experiences

Near-Death Experiences The term “Near-Death Experience”, (NDE), was first coined in 1975 by American psychiatrist Dr. Raymond Moody, M.D., to describe a phenomenon he documented

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dreamscape with two people holding hands at end of a dock leading into the clouds

Other death-related STEs

Deathbed Experiences or Nearing-Death Awareness Deathbed Experiences happen to people shortly before they die.  They are strong STEs that may occur several hours or even

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