Physical STE After-Effects

Common Physical STE After-Effects

Experiencers are often surprised to notice many physical symptoms occurring in their body in the weeks, months and years following a powerful STE.  It is recommended that Experiencers consult with a qualified health professional about any unusual physical symptoms they may be having, to rule out a physical cause.  If no physical cause can be found, the symptom may be an after-effect of their STE. The following physical after-effects have been reported by many STE Experiencers.

  1. Increased sensitivities: STE Experiencers commonly find their bodies much more sensitive to many physical things, including:
    • Less tolerance to chemicals: Experiencers may find themselves reacting strongly to chemicals in their food or in their environment.
    • More sensitive to medications. Many Experiencers find themselves more prone to get side-effects from medications.
    • More sensitive to bright light.
    • More sensitive to loud noises.
    • Increased allergies, including new food sensitivities.
  2. Metabolic Changes. STE Experiencers often report that their metabolism seems to be changed at times, often more noticeably immediately before an STE, or for a period of time right after a powerful STE.
    • Swings in energy level: Experiencers may notice that they have much higher physical energy than normal for certain periods of time, but at other times for no clear reason they have lower energy levels and require more rest and sleep.
    • Sugar sensitivity: Many Experiencers notice that their metabolism of sugar seems affected by their STEs. Sometimes Experiencers develop an aversion to sugars. Other times Experiencers develop cravings for sugar or sweets, especially immediately after an STE, and during times of high creative energy.
    • Lower blood pressure: Some Experiencers find their blood pressure medication dosage needs to be lowered after their STE.
  3. Sexual energy changes: STE Experiencers may be surprised to notice changes in their sex drive and sexual energy after a powerful STE. During a kundalini awakening strong sexual sensations may be felt, including a penile erection in men. Both male and female STE Experiencers sometimes report periods of markedly increased sexual energy after their STE. There may also be periods of unusually low sexual energy.
  4. Sleep pattern changes: Middle of the night wakening is reported frequently by STE Experiencers. They find themselves often waking up around 3:00 AM, and unable to return to sleep for an hour or so.
  5. Electro-magnetic sensitivity: Electro-magnetic sensitivity is a fascinating and poorly understood after-effect of STEs. This manifests in two ways:
    • Increased sensitivity to electro-magnetic fields: Experiencers may feel a new physical discomfort when in the presence of an electromagnetic field.
    • The Experiencer’s own energy may at times disrupt the function of electrical and electronic equipment close to their body. This might include disrupting the function of nearby microphones, projectors, computers, electronic security cameras, microwaves, and wrist watches. Some notice their energy field seems to make lightbulbs pop and burn out, and other Experiencers report that coins held by them will not function in vending machines or pay phones.
  6. Sensations of energy movements. Experiencers may sometimes feel physical sensations of energy moving through their bodies. In yoga this is explained as sensations of movement of “prana” or the life-energy. This may be associated with:
    • Chakra sensations: Sometimes the energy movements are felt focused around the “chakra” points, the seven spinal energy centers.
    • Spontaneous body movements may sometime occur when the energy movements are happening.
  7. Migratory, undiagnosable body pains: Experiencers may report unusual body pains that move from place to place in their body, with no medical cause. In yoga it is thought that these transient migratory pains may be related to the pranic energy movements (described above) when the prana energy hits a “block” in the subtle energy body.
  8. Physical health improvements or enhancements: Some STE Experiencers have reported remarkable improvements or enhancements in their physical health following their STE. This includes:
    • Spontaneous or rapid healing
    • Improved hearing
    • Improved vision [Reference: Debra Diamond]
    • Synesthesia: Some Experiencers notice a blending of their senses of perception, for example so that they might at times “see” as well as hear sounds, especially music.
  9. Yogic phenomenon: Some STE Experiencers report episodes when their body spontaneously or intuitively compels them to go into a yogic posture, to do yogic hand movements or “mudras”, or they may spontaneously start uttering Sanskrit words (Sanskrit is the ancient classical language of the Indian yogis). These yogic phenomenon may occur to Experiencers with no knowledge of yoga or Sanskrit.

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