Spiritual STE After-Effects

Spiritual after-effects are often the most life-transforming effects of a powerful STE.

Many STE Experiencers’ spiritual views are profoundly changed by their STEs. Their new spiritual convictions are incredibly strong, because they are based on personal spiritual experience, the memory of which seems deeply etched into the soul of the Experiencer.

Common Spiritual STE After-Effects

  1. Loss of fear of death. Near-Death Experiencers who had a white-light mystical NDE almost always lose their fear of death after the NDE. Experiencers of other types of STEs sometimes also lose their fear of death, especially if in their STE they saw glimpses of the after-life, or perceived the reality of reincarnation.
  2. Convinced of the afterlife. Many STE Experiencers become convinced of an afterlife, that the soul or spirit lives on after death of the physical body.
  3. Convinced of the reality of a Higher Power. STE Experiencers who had mystical experiences or mystical type NDEs become convinced of the reality of a Higher Power, a higher intelligence, underlying the universe. This conviction may or may not be compatible with their previously held spiritual views.
  4. More spiritually focused. Many Experiencers become much more spiritually focused after their STE. They become convinced that we are truly spiritual beings having a human experience. They increasingly see the purpose of life as a spiritual purpose, an opportunity for our souls to grow and learn spiritual lessons.
  5. Increased conviction of the underlying unity of all religions. Many STE Experiencers find their spiritual views expanding after their STE, with a new conviction of the underlying unity of all the worlds religions. Their perspective often shifts to seeing various religious paths as like different routes, all ascending to the same peak of a spiritual mountain.
  6. Less dogmatic religious views. Many STE Experiencers become more tolerant of other religious perspectives after their STE, and become less dogmatic in their religious views.
  7. Increased desire to pray and meditate. Many STE Experiencers develop an increased desire to have a spiritual life, including an increased desire to spend time daily in prayer and meditation.
  8. Increased desire to read Scriptures. As an after-effect to STEs, many Experiencers find themselves having a new spiritual hunger, including a strong desire to read Scriptures of their own faith, and sometime also Scriptures of other faiths.
  9. Increased desire to live a moral and ethical life. Many STE Experiencers find themselves developing a strong inner desire to live their life in accordance with ethical and moral principles, to follow the Golden Rule, to follow universal moral precepts such as The Ten Commandments.
  10. Increased focus on honesty and truth. After a powerful STE, many Experiencers become much more strongly dedicated to being honest and truthful. They become unwilling or even morally unable, to tell a lie. They may become strongly committed to standing up for the truth, even in challenging situations.
  11. Increased desire to express love. Many STE Experiencers are deeply impacted by the intensity, joy, and beauty of the unconditional love that they experienced on the other side. After their STE, they feel a strong and increased desire to express their love to others.
  12. Increased desire and ability to be forgiving. Some STE Experiencers have a marked softening of their feelings after their STE. They may have a dramatically increased desire to be forgiving of others, and they may also have an increased ability to be forgiving.
  13. More generous and less materialistic. Many STE Experiencers become less materialistic after their STE. They often have a decreased desire to accumulate great wealth in their lives, and may become more generous with any wealth that they already possess.
  14. More courageous. After a powerful STE, Experiencers often feel more courageous, buoyed by their strong new spiritual convictions. They may become more willing to speak up and express their opinion, even in difficult situations.
  15. More willing to speak out about social injustices. After a powerful STE, some Experiencers become much more vocal and proactive about issues relating to social inequalities, discrimination, or injustices.
  16. Increased desire to be of service to other. Many STE Experiencers develop a strong desire to be of service to others after their STE. This may begin or increase the amount of volunteer work in their life.
  17. New insights into the true spiritual nature of the universe. Many STE Experiencers develop new and more expansive views of the nature of the universe following their STE.
  18. Shift to an inner focus, and increased desire to surrender to the Divine. Some STE Experiencers find their STE has shifted their priorities and focus inwardly. They become less focused on outer worldly goals, and increasingly focused on inner spiritual goals, including surrendering of ego desires to the higher wisdom of the Divine Plan.

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