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Spiritual Awakenings International®
Online Conference 2024
“Spiritual Awakening: The Dawn of Expanded Consciousness”
Join 40 outstanding speakers from 14 countries
Saturday & Sunday, June 8 - 9, 2024

Conference Agenda – Sunday

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). There will be a 15-minute break between events.

SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2024

Rabbi Yoel Glick


Yogic tradition describes subtle energy centers or chakras underlying our physical form. The Kabbalah has a similar tradition of a structure of energy centers, portrayed either as a Cosmic Tree or a subtle form corresponding to the human body. Rabbi Yoel Glick believes these teachings describe the same spiritual truth.

Raymond Moody, MD


What happens when we die? After five decades studying Near-Death Experiences, Dr. Raymond Moody finally has the answer to humanity’s most pressing question. In this powerful session, Dr. Yvonne Kason will interview Dr. Moody as he shares the scientific proof behind the existence of a soul and the fact that consciousness does indeed survive bodily death.

Alex Burdyga, PhD


How 200+ Lucid Dreams Convinced Me of Spiritual Reality. In hundreds of lucid dreams since 2021, Dr. Alex Burdyga has experienced spiritual phenomena similar to those reported by Near Death Experiencers (NDEers). He has found himself traveling through tunnels, telepathically communicating with light beings, hearing angelic choirs, learning to fly, and much more.

Dayna Dunbar


Extraterrestrial Wisdom and the Vision of a New Earth. In 1994, Dayna Dunbar had an encounter with an extraterrestrial being of Light in Sedona, Arizona. She was told to begin telling spiritual stories and that one day she would write about the race of beings she encountered that magical night. In this talk, she will present an overview of the lessons she was given.

Omar Angulo


216 and the Secrets of the Universe. Since a young age, Omar was already in tune with the spiritual, but after his brother took his life on 2-16 of 2019, this knowing multiplied tenfold. Upon making the decision to follow suit and take his own life, Omar was visited by beings who showed him a deeper plan. Hear his amazing story in this session.

Ken Bell


From Despair to Enlightenment: Is Spiritual Awakening Possible for Everyone? A decade ago, Ken Bell had a breathtaking spiritual awakening in a parking lot. Years of tragedies had left him hopeless and suicidal, then one critical message showed him the hidden magic of the universe. He woke up. In this talk, he shares how everyone can awaken to higher consciousness.

Brent Spirit

  Pakistan     Canada

Kundalini awakening is rewarding but can turn a person’s world upside down. Drawing from his experience supporting many through their Kundalini awakening, Brent will share the hardships of this process in Western society, overcoming physical and emotional difficulties, navigating non-ordinary psychic phenomena, making sense of spontaneous movements and vocalizations (kriyas), cultivating meditation, and reintegrating into the world. 

Fr. Nathan Castle, OP MA, MDiv


How do interrupted death experiences impact our lives? Father Nathan Castle, a Catholic priest, provides examples of life-altering “Crossing Over” events and how they can make us more conscious, connected, and loving. This knowledge dispels misconceptions about deceased loved ones being stuck and provides support for those navigating grief, emphasizing the possibility of moving forward with peace.

Philip Goldberg


The One in the Many: Profound Social Implications of Spiritual Experience. In a world aflame with religious fanaticism and division, the awakening experience opens the heart and expands the mind, revealing our essential Unity. This presentation shows the importance of unity and describes methods for revealing that unity amid diverse beliefs.

Antonia Albano


On the Edge of Time: Birthing the Extraordinary Evolutionary Human and the Next Octave of Love. A powerful high-frequency family of sacred geometries offer us a preview of what is possible for human evolution. By aligning with these frequencies, we participate in consciously jump-starting humanity into the next evolutionary trajectory.

Marie Grace Brook PhD


Spiritual Emergence Anonymous (SEA). A grassroots worldwide 12-step program, SEA offers weekly online support groups for those experiencing spiritual emergence. The 12 steps are adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), with our steps beginning with spiritual awakening and ending with spiritual transformation.

Dr. Susan Sophia James


“Other Than Human” Beings in Spiritual Awakening and Transformative Experiences. Is there a taboo about sharing spiritual transformative experiences that include encounters with nonhuman intelligence or “other than human” beings? This presentation discusses experiences with beings encountered during changes in consciousness and other times.

Jeffrey S. Overall, PhD


The Antecedents of ‘Kensho’ Spiritual Awakenings: A Mixed Methods Approach. Dr. Jeffrey Overall will share his research covering 13 individuals who have experienced a kensho spiritual awakening, including themes of: dark night of the soul, prior awakenings, childhood spiritual experiences, constantly seeking something greater, trauma, and the role of the ego.

Valerie Leigh Varan


How the Latest Science Validates Spiritual and Non-Ordinary Experiences. STE after-effects can be difficult for anyone experiencing spiritual beings, mystical dreams/visions, psychic phenomena, manifestations, near-death, out-of-body consciousness, and other non-ordinary events. Valerie will share what science can tell us about how these happenings are indeed possible.

Janet Elizabeth Colli, PhD


When Spiritual Awakening Becomes Spiritual Emergency. The evolutionary process of spiritual emergence can become a crisis where the ego breaks down. Yet a dark night of the soul may lead to radical personality transformation and higher-order functioning. Learn from a transpersonal psychotherapist who has provided support for spiritual emergencies for over 20 years.

Ann Berger-Knorr, PhD


Understanding Consciousness: Transcending the Boundaries of Reality as We Know It. In 2020, Dr. Ann Berger-Knorr experienced a profound and spontaneous mystical experience. In this presentation, she shares her research into transpersonal psychology, making the case that spiritually transformative experiences are normal, natural, and often innately healing.

Roxana Rio


Muchas personas me conocen por mis canciones. Desde pequeña me dediqué a la música y tengo más de 35 años en este medio. Pero a principios del 2021 mi vida dió un giro con la creación de un programa de entrevistas sobre espiritualidad llamado “En Sintonía Con Tu Presencia.” Lo mío es unir la música y la espiritualidad en esta nueva era.

Ana Cecilia González, MEd

  Mexico     USA

Mi Silencio Interior Abrió la Comunicación EspiritualAna Cecilia González comparte su viaje desde la malformación cardiaca hasta la conexión espiritual. Descubre cómo desafió el pronóstico médico con fe y amor, encontrando la sabiduría en el silencio. Su historia de supervivencia inexplicable te inspirará.

photo of Francisco Valentin, SAI Advisory Board member

Francisco Valentín

  Puerto Rico     USA

Como Recibo Discernimientos de Suma Verdad Por Parte de Maestros Ascendidos. Francisco Valentín compartirá discernimientos de Suma Verdad de Maestros Ascendidos, La Fuerza Colectiva de Conocimiento y Sabiduría. Desde lo abstracto hasta conceptos nunca antes reconocidos, expondrá formas de comunicación con otros planos.

Photo of Ingrid Honkala SAI Advisory Board member

Ingrid Honkala, PhD

  Colombia     USA

Quienes son los Seres de Luz y cómo se comunican con nosotros? Exploro la presencia de los Seres de Luz desde la infancia, guiándome hacia decisiones sabias y una vida plena en sintonía con la guía divina. Aprende a conectarte con su sabiduría interior para vivir una existencia más significativa y enriquecedora.


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* Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE) was first coined by Dr. Yvonne Kason MD in 1994.