SAI Affiliated Groups

ADCRF - After Death Communications Research Foundation

Consciousness & Contact Research Institute

Debra Diamond Ph.D. Author Network

Francisco Valentin- The Transcript

IMHU - Integrative Mental Health for You

NDERF - Near Death Experience Research Foundation

OBERF - Out of Body Experience Research Foundation

Spiritan Self-Awareness Initiative

Toronto Awakenings Sharing Group

Toronto Meditation/Self Inquiry Group

SAI Disclaimer

All Spiritual Awakenings International (SAI) affiliated groups and featured speakers are fully independent from Spiritual Awakenings International Inc. and are not agents of SAI.  Any views expressed by SAI affiliated groups, their speakers, and by SAI event featured speakers are their own personal views, and do not represent the official views or position of Spiritual Awakenings International.

June 15, 2020.