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Spiritual Awakenings International® Affiliated Group or Network Benefits

Guidelines for SAI Affiliated Groups and Networks

  1. All Spiritual Awakenings International® affiliated networks and groups  should be interested in networking with persons and other groups internationally relating to Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs) and spiritual awakenings, to help bring us together.
  2. Groups and networks should be focused on raising awareness, education, research, and/or sharing of experiences related to one or more types of STEs, spiritual awakenings, and/or spiritual emergencies.
  3. Groups and networks should tolerate diverse perspectives and be open to respectful mutual dialogue to deepen understanding.
  4. Groups and networks should maintain ethical conduct at all times: practice healthy interpersonal boundaries, adhere to local laws, and observe non-discrimination, with respect for differences in perspective, philosophy, religious views, race, sex, and cultural background.
  5. Groups and networks must be politically neutral and not actively promote one particular political position or political party. (This is a requirement for our IRS tax-exempt status).
  6. Groups and networks shall operate fully independent of Spiritual Awakenings International Inc., and are not its agents.
  7. Groups and networks should provide STE Experiencers a supportive and safe environment in their individual meetings.
  8. SAI reserves the right to accept or refuse requests for group affiliation and to terminate group affiliation at any time
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