Shamanic Animal Encounters

Shamanic Animal Encounters

Shamanic Animal Encounters are unusual meaningful encounters with animals. Many STE Experiencers find that after their spiritual awakening they begin to have episodic extraordinary and meaningful encounters with animals.  This comes in two different ways: through what seems like mental communication; or, through a synchronicity, (meaningful coincidence) when the type of animal that crosses your path has a strong symbolic meaning for you at that moment.

An animal (or plant) Spirit may mentally communicate a message.   Many Experiencers report instances when they heard an inner message seemingly telepathically or mentally communicated to them by an animal, or sometimes by a tree or other plant.  These extraordinary mental communications with animals or plants are usually brief, and may be simple and even child-like in content.

An animal encounter may have symbolic meaning. Many STE Experiencers report animal encounters that have a strong symbolic meaning or message, symbolized by the type of animal that is encountered.   Shamans, the priest/mystic/healers in many aboriginal cultures, understand that our Higher Power may communicate and teach us lessons through animal encounters.  Shamans have developed an understanding of the symbolic spiritual significance of specific animal encounters.  For example, the eagle is understood to symbolize the power of the Great Spirit, God; the hawk symbolizes a messenger; while the deer symbolizes gentleness.

Reflecting on animal encounters may aid personal growth. “Animal medicine”, paying attention to the animals the Creator brings across your life path, can be a way to improve one’s connection to the Higher Power.    Reflecting on the symbolic meaning of animal encounters may help you reconnect with your personal power, your strength, and develop deeper psychological and spiritual understanding.

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