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Spiritual Awakenings International’s mission is to spread awareness globally of Spiritually Transformative Experiences.

Spiritual Awakenings International (SAI) is a non-profit worldwide network of individuals and groups who are interested in collaborating to raise awareness, network, and share personal experience relating to diverse types of Spiritually Transformative Experiences, “STEs”, to raise global spiritual awareness.

Spiritually Transformative Experiences include:

  • Mystical experiences;
  • Near-Death Experiences (NDEs);
  • Death-related STEs such as deathbed experiences, care-giver experiences, death-watch/shared-death experiences, after-death communications;
  • Psychic/intuitive experiences of many types;
  • Spiritual energy/Kundalini awakenings;
  • Inspired creativity;
  • Shamanic experiences. 

STEs are sometimes referred to as “extraordinary experiences”, “exceptional human experiences”, “spiritual emergence syndrome”, samadhis, siddhis, ascension experiences, and other terms.

All types of STEs tend to transform experiencers’ values in a more spiritual direction and propel an increased desire to be loving, ethical, and of service to others.

See our STEs pages for more details.

Connecting STE Experiencers

STE experiencers often feel isolated, misunderstood, might feel they are mentally unstable, and fear being labelled as “crazy” by others. SAI is striving to build a safe, supportive, and informed community amongst STE experiencers and spiritual seekers, and to increase understanding of STEs worldwide.

Open to All

Spiritual Awakenings International is multi-faith, multi-cultural, non-aligned, and is open to anyone peacefully seeking a higher understanding. We promote respectful and supportive dialogue of diverse views and perspectives on STEs.  (See our SAI Resolution on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.)  SAI was previously known as iSee, the International Society for Extraordinary Experiences.

Circle of Honor

We honor and say “Thank you” to the ground breaking pioneers in the field of STEs and spiritual awakenings. View our honorees on our Circle of Honor page.

Affiliated Groups Worldwide​

Spiritual Awakenings International welcomes networks and groups from around the world who wish to network and collaborate to dialogue and deepen our understanding relating to Spiritually Transformative Experiences and spiritual awakenings, to become SAI affiliated Groups.

View our list of our fascinating Affiliated Groups worldwide, and their websites.network

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