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Miraculous Dolphin Rescue from Shark Attack – An Amazing Mystical Experience with Dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean

Photo of Anne Archer Butcher, SAI Board member, multiple STE Experiencer, Author of Five Blue Rings

Anne Archer Butcher

Anne Archer Butcher cried out for divine intervention on Christmas Day when she saw the shark approach. She had been swept far out to sea by a rip tide and there was no one to help and no way to make it to shore. Find out how she was rescued by dolphins from an imminent shark attack, and saved from such a clear and present danger. But something else happened with the dolphins that day that made the entire experience miraculous. Witnessed by beachcombers on this bright and sunny holiday, even when she was in safe waters near the sand, the dolphins stayed with her. They surrounded her in waist deep water and performed what could only be described as a ceremony! This extraordinary mystical occurrence changed her life forever and opened a floodgate of Spiritually Transformative Experiences.

Anne Archer Butcher has had two near-death experiences, many mystical adventures and a life full of amazing Spiritually Transformative Experiences. She has a Master’s Degree in English and Education and spent over ten years as a high school teacher. She studied Comparative World Religions as a way to understand the remarkable things she was experiencing in her own life. Along with her husband, Alden Butcher, she is the co-owner of Dolphin Media Services. They provide full-service marketing for corporate projects, along with production, social media support, and editorial services. They have also produced two top New York Times bestselling books for author campaigns. Read about her dolphin rescue or about her upcoming book release, Five Blue Rings.