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1 PM Eastern Time, 10 AM Pacific, 6 PM in the UK, Sunday 7 AM in Auckland, NZ

Betty Guadagno experienced a Hero’s Journey of transformation and metamorphosis. Betty’s life began in darkness, trauma and tragedy. She experienced drug addiction, sex work, atheism, the double suicide of her parents, poverty, and a myriad of abuses. At her lowest point, she overdosed and experienced an awakening that transported her to the space between life and eternity. In that space, Betty was greeted by her soul family, experienced unity consciousness, was shown her pre-birth planning, and was given the details of her spiritual mission.

After returning to Earth, Betty’s life shifted 180 degrees. She experienced a number of Spiritually Transformative Experience After-Effects. Her integration process involved entering a long term drug treatment center for addiction recovery, meeting her mentors, and studying every sacred text. Betty will share her revelations, visions, and understanding about being called to be of service to the collective and the power of community in her present experience.

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Photo of Betty Guadagno

Betty Guadagno went from a drug addicted, sex worker, and self-described radical atheist to a devout believer in long-term recovery, working as a recovery coach, and manifesting a life beyond her wildest dreams. She will take you through her awakening journey where she was shown her pre-birth planning, her divine mission, and the interconnectedness of all things.