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1 PM Eastern Time, 10 AM Pacific Time, 6 PM in the UK, Sunday 5 AM in Auckland, NZ

Anne Archer has had a series of profound Spiritually Transformative Experiences. Previously, she was pulled out to sea by a riptide and rescued by dolphins from a shark attack; she survived a near-death experience; has had mystical visions and prophetic dreams; and had an out-of-body journey that taught her about the true nature of death and led her to save her sister’s life. However, her extraordinary mystical experiences in 1984 took her far beyond anything she had previously experienced. Five Blue Rings is her mystical true story of adventure, romance and hope for planet earth.

In 1984, Anne was working on a large 294-foot ocean-going ship. On the day the ship sailed from Seattle, she had no idea that she would come face to face with her greatest fears. This led to the beginning of a series of amazing mystical experiences. Then, when confronted with treachery and deceit, she left the ship with her small daughter and a new and astonishing experience of the blue light of God would change everything. The story pulls together past lives, other planets, beings of light, and a mission to bring love and healing to planet Earth.

Photo of Anne Archer Butcher, SAI Board member, multiple STE Experiencer, Author of Five Blue RingsAnne Archer (Butcher) along with her husband, Alden Butcher, is the co-owner of Dolphin Media Services. Together they have worked with presidents of the United States, top celebrities, and major corporations including Apple Computer, Mattel Toys, Target, Universal Studios, Paramount Television, and McGraw-Hill Publishing, along with many others.

Anne has a master’s degree in English and education and spent over ten years as a high school teacher. She studied Comparative World Religions as a way to understand the remarkable things she was experiencing in her own life. She and her husband are also inspirational speakers and have travelled the world sharing their stories of spiritually transformative experiences.