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Conference 2022

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STE Experiencers Panel

photo of Gary L. Wimmer

Gary L. Wimmer - USA

The Great Awakening. Gary is an intuitive medium and healer, a multiple STE Experiencer who had a profound NDE in 1977.  Gary will reflect on how we are witnessing political, economic, environmental, personal and social chaos throughout the world. The entire human race, individually and collectively, is facing monumental challenges and their consequences. Why? Gary thinks this is because humanity is experiencing a “Great Awakening”, that comes with inherent escalation of anger, chaos, division and suffering. But unless we clearly grasp the flaws in ourselves and our systems, we cannot begin to fix them and build a more enlightened, compassionate, balanced self and world society. Indeed, this is a unique and pivotal period in human history. One way or another, life is educating humanity about what needs to be fixed. Gary will share some empowering techniques he found can help open anyone up to the Universe within. 

Gary L. Wimmer has been a professional psychic for 45 years. He has been referred to as a medium, intuitive, healer, teacher, spiritualist, and clairvoyant, and has been professionally tested many times.  In 1977, Gary’s psychic ability suddenly began escalating to the point where he could no longer remember what ‘normal’ life was like. A week later, as a pedestrian, he was involved in a head-on collision with a speeding car. He traveled to dimensions and worlds beyond imagination, then returned to his body, unhurt and feeling no pain. That Near Death Experience (NDE) changed his life forever. His book, A Second in Eternity, is the powerful and moving story about that phenomenal experience, which still motivates and empowers him today. Gary is also the author of Lithomancy: The Psychic Art of Reading Stones, the comprehensive book on Lithomancy, his methodology. Both books are on Amazon and Kindle.

photo of Ruth Clothier

Ruth Clothier - USA

Gift of Life Here and Now. At 16 months old, from 1948 radiation on my spine, Ruth returned to before embodiment and learned that Creation is within.  This awareness stayed throughout her life. As a 20-year-old pregnant in a cardiologist’s office, her heart stopped twice. When she went “over”, she was encompassed in absolute love, and given a choice – return to a life of heart problems,or hold on to absolute Love. Sometime after she had (one of many) STEs. She had surrendered to being able to walk without pain. The answer came through her son, and it was sound. Sound opened into her life and became a part of her. An allergic reaction to antibiotics brought her to the third NDE and absolute Love she had experienced before. While there she was immersed with harmonics so expansive. When she returned she brought with her the first song she recorded – Wings of Alchemy. She was shown what is happening on Earth right now – something she did not want to see, but also what we can walk into. She was shown our absolute expansion to be able to walk through these earth changes now – because they are already happening.

Ruth Rousseau Clothier, is a mother of 4 children and a grandmother of 8. Ruth’s connection with the children is enhanced by her first NDE as a child. Her second NDE at 20 years old expanded her gifts. As her life moved on Ruth began working with people – physical therapists, substance abusers, the disabled, those with terminal illnesses, and those seeking spiritual awakening. Ruth homeschooled her daughters. All of her children are exceptional. At 47 years Ruth’s third NDE combined all the growth and learning of her other NDEs, showed her the expansive vision of our present time, and our planet. She began involvement with sponsored events bringing the wisdom of her first book to others: Mother’s Conclave, Science Symposiums, PT Conference of Alaska, and others (noted elsewhere). Ruth lives in New Mexico, sharing teachings with her group from her revised edition, Wisdom of the Heart, Book of Life, Here and Beyond. She continues to be active in several NDE and Sound Associations.

photo of Claudia Watts Edge

Claudia Watts Edge - USA

Soul Contracts: our pre-planned promises. Claudia had a profound NDE in 1984, when she was shown “THE ROOM OF CHOICES” where she and her son Jesse prepared for the earth experience. Many decisions had to be made as far as body choices, not for looks but for potential adversities and circumstances for further spiritual advancement. The agreement to come in early to play the part of his Mother and together examining potential Fathers, and the importance of this DNA soup. The required contracts to facilitate choices made years before our arrival. Claudia will discuss this, and other personal contracts made before coming to the earth experience. Also explained as Earth is not our true home, it was created for us to learn and grow, and although promises were made, our most important gift is our FREE WILL that takes precedence over any preplanned situation, and can be changed or adapted as needed.

Claudia Watts Edge had a profound earth-death experience in 1984, where she and her new-born baby died together in a sea of blood and pain. She was held in a beautiful darkness that she did not understand, and the journey of her unusual NDE experience has taken over 25 years to surface and has been called a modern-day mystic with the ability to pull back the spiritual curtain. She has written two books of exploring the spiritual mysteries of the Other Side, through memories and dreams in an award- winning series called Gifts from the Edge. Her third book We Touched Heaven, is a collection of spiritual experiences from all over the world.

photo of Russell Ricks, artist, STE Experiencer

Russell Ricks - USA

You’re not alone in this journey. Dr. Mary Neal suggested, “I honestly believe we are given an experience at the time of our death that will resonate with us, that will make us feel loved, that will make us feel welcomed.” After having a miraculous STE as a child, at first when sharing it with others, Russell found rejection. He began to feel isolated and alone in this world. Even though he grew up in a loving home environment, as a child he struggled with feelings of isolation, rejection and loneliness. Every time he tried to make a friend it would backfire on him. He was socially far behind my peers and couldn’t understand the cause of it. He was unaware of a neurological disability he was born with, until learning at the age of 50 through an MRI scan that he had “Complete Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum”. As a young boy, he pleaded to God through prayer to take him away– take me to a place where he would feel safe and loved. What followed was a Near-Death-like Experience, an STE where he learned he was genuinely loved by God. He also learned we were all given many tools to help us in our journey here. God loves us and wants us to know He is with us. I learned we are eternal beings. We have always been and will continue to always be. We enter mortality with a spark or portion of eternity within us. Some refer to that spark as the Love of God and others, the Light of Christ. We’re born with it infused within our own conscience or soul. If we listen to that voice within, this becomes our guidepost. When we’re blessed with having spiritual experiences which transform us, this too becomes a gift from God and resonates with the quiet voice within us. Many have discovered and developed various forms of meditation which can put us in touch with God. God will also tailor His communications with us according to our personality, gifts and talents. We also need not feel alone because of organizations such as SAI. We’re all truly loved by God.

Russell E. Ricks was born in Rexburg, Idaho, an LDS colony, founded and colonized by his ancestor Thomas E. Ricks. Russells professional career is that of a visual artist. His artwork is in collections throughout the United States. Russell has an Associates in Fine Arts Degree from Ricks College (now known as BYU Idaho). He also received years of excellent informal visual art training through his father’s nationally known plein air painting school, Painting Vacations. Russell has participated in numerous Springville Art Museum’s (SMA) noted Spring Salon exhibitions and has won various awards. September through October 2015, Russell was honored with a Solo exhibit at the SMA, displaying 33 of his major artworks. He also has a major work in the SMA’s permanent collection. He is an active member of Oil Painters of America. In the winter of 2016-2017, Mr. Ricks noted artwork, Farm Workers in a Lavender Field, was selected for the competition, which sold at the exhibition. Russell currently resides in Provo, Utah with his wife Karen. Together, they form a blended family of 14 children and 35 plus grandchildren. His hobbies include, hiking, camping and photography for art subject research and now writing.