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Special Veterans, Military, and First-Responders Event - 1 PM Eastern Time, 10 AM Pacific, 6 PM in the UK, 7 PM CET in EU

Dr. Roland Webb will share his powerful Near-Death Experience (NDE) and STE stories and share how this is evidence that consciousness survives the death of the physical body. Roland had his Near-Death Experience and an Ego-Departure Experience (EDE) while serving in the Philippines, August 9, 1988. These were transcendental experiences involving the LIGHT, a Feminine Supreme Being, and other Supreme Beings. During the NDE, Roland ascended multiple times into the Cosmos, experienced Oneness with the Universe, omniscient information, and omnipotent energy. Communication persisted during the Near-Death Experience. Both the mind and the heart communicated with the Id, Ego, Soul, and Spirit, as well as with spiritual beings throughout the NDE. He will briefly describe aspects of quantum consciousness-which may illuminate how communication is propagated during an NDE.

During the NDE, consciousness never abandons the soul. Consciousness perceives, observes, attunes, attends, focuses, concentrates, activates, and engages the mind of the Near-Death-Experiencer. Survival of consciousness exists during the NDE and after death. Vitally, it is the observational and preceptor aspects within consciousness that communicates and guides the soul telepathically beyond death. Dr. Webb concludes that fundamentally, our consciousness is a bit of quantum-entangled information and energy of the universe that communicates.

Join us for this live, online event! There will be a Question & Answer period after the talk. 

Dr Roland Webb

Dr. Roland Webb, retired USAF Master Sergeant, is a clinical hypnotherapist based in the Seattle area of Washington. He grew up in a nice neighborhood in Washington D.C.  When young, he used to chase “orbs” he saw. He also remembers four UFO related experiences. These sparked his interest in astronomy. This so immensely perplexed him that he quietly researched, leading to his path of self-discovery.

After enlisting in the USAF, later stationed in the Philippines, he had a very strange experience while falling asleep talking to his wife in bed. Somehow, his mind zoomed into a woman’s head, mind, and body. This so perplexed him immensely that he quietly researched, leading his path of self-discovery.

A year after “zooming”, Roland had his Near-Death Experience and Ego-Departure Experience. These experiences opened his heart, enabling him to grow spiritually, heal, and teach, helping many others. Roland became a meditation guide-instructor, and a quantum hypnotherapist. His doctorate is in Clinical Hypnotherapy and his area of research is in quantum consciousness, with a concentration and applications of quantum consciousness inspired hypnotherapies.