Spiritual Awakenings International

Conference 2024

“Spiritual Awakening: The Dawn of Expanded Consciousness”

Spiritual Awakenings Down Under – Panel

Saturday, June 8, 2024 – 8:00 PM EDT

Stephen Chong

Stephen Paul Chong


The Laws of Heaven & Earth. After a profound spiritual awakening experience in 2019, Stephen was inspired to write, ‘The Afterlife, a journey to: Now you know what will happen’ — a descriptive and enlightening journey through the many realms of heaven. He subsequently discovered (embedded within the text), the (fifteen) “Laws of Heaven & Earth.” This presentation focuses on the application of these ‘Laws’ into our daily life, as they represent a gift for all mankind, and, if espoused, make this life and the eternal next a far better experience. Examples: Law #1: “Fear not, you are never without the love of the Father,” Law #3: “What you have caused to effect in your fellow man is what declares your place in heaven.”

Stephen Chong, M.Ed., is a Far North Queensland, Australian-based author who draws his inspirations from life’s themes that relate to us all — love, grief, struggle, overcoming obstacles. Culminating in his six inspirational novels, feature-film screenplays and multiple short-stories, he has converted these ‘life themes’ into stories that we can all relate to. Stephen’s expertise of balancing modern work practices with personal life provides unique insights that make this life, and life in the hereafter, a much better place.
Paulina Howfield

Paulina Howfield


The Spaces in Between. Paulina has had many STEs including a Near-death Experience. Through these experiences she has developed relationships with Angels, Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, and together they work as energetic Gate Keepers and Earth Consciousness Practitioners, to facilitate humanity’s understanding of ‘The Spaces in Between’ (inter-connected consciousness and All That Is). In this presentation Paulina shares some of her work and experiences and discusses the role of STEs as initiatory and cumulative processes that work across lifetimes and energetic timelines, helping us develop an understanding of ‘The Spaces in Between’, while also fostering a personal and collective journey of spiritual growth and deep cosmic remembering.

Paulina Howfield is dedicated to Spiritual Ascension, Soul Consciousness, the Divine Feminine and Deep Cosmic Memory. She is an empathic medium, healer and remote viewer, and has had many STEs via daily contact with star beings; cosmic and celestial entities; elemental energies; ghosts and dead people. In 1986 she had a near-death experience, where she experienced deep cosmic memory and the activation of her Soul encodings. As a result, in union with her star contacts, she helps others on their journey towards deep cosmic memory, total soul recall, and multi-dimensional galactic consciousness. She is also an Earth Whisperer and esoteric map-maker, and works with cosmic beings to cleanse and re-map frequencies, and has interacted with the Soul Consciousness of the Earth and the Cosmic Guardians at thousands of sacred sites, to assist in the ‘spiritual awakening’ of humanity and the collective process of deep remembering of All That Is.

Philip Crouch


Conscious Spirituality Today. Two precognitive dreams, in 1973 and 1982, changed Philip’s life. Over the past half-century, opportunities and life experiences have enabled rediscovering our soul’s purpose, including a greater awareness of the afterlife, death is not the end, cosmic awareness, and more. We are all interconnected Consciously-Spiritually to others on Earth, spirit realms, cosmic races, galaxies, and universes. Since 2017, immersion into Consciousness studies, online webinars/videos, and literature, including five volumes of works recently gifted, remain part of a continuous journey. Earlier this year, an STE download experience occurred. As truth seekers or probers, we all have inherent spirit abilities that Consciously needs to be shared with others locally or globally.

Philip Crouch is a Tasmanian-based Conscious Spirituality Practitioner, whose deep passion draws from personal journeying, STE experiences including dreams, spiritualism, psychic consultation, wisdom circles, group meditation-discussion groups, workshops, informal lecturing, and self-directed shared learning. Austrian born in 1947, grew up in England, and since 1966 lived in three states of Australia. Consciously spiritual journeying included working with Dreams, Tarot Consultation, Egyptian Cartouche Cards, Numerology, Meditation, and Quantum Universe.

Vered Kilstein

Vered Kilstein


What Is a Past Life and When Is It Happening? I have facilitated more than 5,000 sessions of Past Life Regression, using the Dolores Cannon method called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, having begun in 2007. In a Quantum Universe, the “lives” or “dimensions” we re-enter can be worked with Psychotherapeutically, as if they are happening “now.” My perspective of Past Lives has evolved over the years, commensurate with my developing understanding of what consciousness may be. As such, I continue to explore and broaden my curiosity around the state of awareness one can reach during a session of QHHT and also my work with Systemic Constellations (Bert Hellinger), which I often weave into a session of QHHT.

Vered Kilstein is a registered Psychotherapist and has been a qualified Past Life Regressionist, Family Constellations Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist for 24 years. She has previously been a High School Teacher, Spanish/French interpreter , Company Co Director and PsychoDynamic Astrologer. A profound otherworldly experience in the early 1990s awoke her to her next journey, which was to navigate the parameters of consciousness with a view to understand her galactic connections and help her clients with their health and their spiritual awakening. Vered is a Psychic  Medium.



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