Spiritual Awakenings International™ Conference 2022

"Bringing us Together"™

Spiritual Awakenings:

Bringing Us Together As a Global Spiritual Family

Saturday June 11 - Sunday June 12, 2022

Conference Schedule

Day One


FIRST EVENT starts at 8:30 AM Pacific Time, which is 11:30 AM Eastern Time, 4:30 PM in the UK & Sunday 1:30 AM in Sydney Australia.

LAST EVENT of the day starts at 6:00 PM Pacific Time, which is 9:00 PM Eastern Time, Sunday 2:00 AM in the UK & Sunday 11:00 AM in Sydney Australia.

NOTE: All event start times are listed in Pacific Time

NOTE: All events will be 1 hour and 15 minutes in length, with a 15 minute break before the next event begins, except the morning meditation which will be 15 minutes long.

photo of Father Charles Ogada from Nigeria.

Father Charles Ogada - Nigeria

Morning Meditation: Nothingness is the being of Everything!

Nothingness is the Being of Everything!  In this guided meditation Father Charles Ogada shall bring to our awareness experiencing that SILENCE between two consecutive thought waves, that STILLNESS between the inhalation and exhalation of breath, that PRESENCE behind every unfolding moment.  THIS is the Truth of our true self.

Father Charles Ogada was born in Uturu in Abia State, Nigeria. When he was seventeen, he had a profound spiritual transformation which changed the course of his life. Consequently, he joined the Spiritan order of the Catholic Church so as to deepen that transformation and attained a B.A., M.A. and B.Phil degrees in core aspects of religion and philosophy.  Open to the Truth of all religions, Father Ogada  travelled extensively in the study of Christian Mystics, Eastern Spirituality, Sufism, the Jewish Cabbala and the teachings of Ramana Marharshi. Thus, he rediscovered the gem of Christian mysticism.  Father Charles Ogada founded the Spiritan Self Awareness Initiative (SSAI) in 2010, a registered non-profit humanitarian organisation of which he is the current Executive Director. He runs two free values-based schools, a children’s home for disadvantaged children, two free hospitals, a co-operative farm and many other initiatives.  Father Charles spends every waking hour of his life in service to the poor and needy in Nigeria as well as in service to spiritual seekers of all faiths from around the world through the Global Joy Village community. He is a committed campaigner for a loving, inclusive, multi-faith approach to spirituality.Not

Photo of Betty Eadie, Near-Death Experience author of Embraced by the Light

Betty J Eadie

Circle of Honor Honoree

Embracing Life Through Hardships and Challenges

Life does not end when we die.  Death is a rebirth into a spirit world of light and love, a transition from the physical to the spiritual that is no more frightening or painful than passing between rooms through an open doorway. It is also a joyful homecoming to our natural home, a return to the Creator who sent us here and who welcomes us back with loving arms. I know this, because on November 18, 1973, I experienced death after hemorrhaging from surgery. The events that followed changed my life and sent me on a journey that continues today. I learned that we volunteered to come to earth to embrace life as foreordained by God. That our challenge is to live it to the fullest while acquiring His wisdom and attributes of love. Above all else, we are to learn of Him, and learn to love one another as He loves us. By facing hardships through challenges on earth, we will gain greater love and understanding, and therefore greater wisdom to become more like Him.

Betty J. Eadie died in November 18,1973 at the age of 31, following routine surgery, and had what has been called “the most profound and detailed Near-Death Experience ever recorded.” Betty J. Eadie, is the author of the international bestseller Embraced By The Light, which has been translated in over 48 languages globally.  Betty Eadie has written several books in an effort to share with others what she was shown in the spirit world about God and man’s existence, the meaning of life and what awaits all in the afterlife. Betty has given countless speaking events, lectures, radio and television appearances and interviews across America and internationally, informing others that death need not be feared, the exquisite beauty of the spirit world, meeting Jesus, reuniting with deceased loved ones and the most important message of God’s unconditional love: that all are here to learn to “love one another.” Betty J. Eadie has been recognized for her pioneering work raising awareness about the reality of Near-Death Experiences as an Honoree on the Spiritual Awakenings International Circle of Honor.

Photo of Dr. David Lukoff PhD, psychologist, Spiritual Emergence expert, author, and researcher

Dr. David Lukoff, PhD - Germany and USA

Circle of Honor Honoree

What is Spiritual Competency for Healthcare Professionals?

photo of Dr. Cassandra Vieten PhD

Dr. Cassandra Vieten, PhD - USA


Spirituality and religion are important aspects of human diversity that should be explicitly addressed by healthcare professionals.  While multicultural training is routinely included in coursework and internship programs, it rarely includes specific training in Religious and Spiritual diversity.  Yet, national polls indicate that spiritual and religious backgrounds, beliefs and practices (SRBBPs) are important in most people’s lives, and are linked to well-being, coping, sense of purpose, decision-making, meaning making, and resilience to life challenges.  But SRBBPs are often not included in assessment or treatment planning. Some evidence indicates that inattention to SRBBPs in practice may account for disparities in access and use of healthcare services by communities of color and others.  In addition, asking about SRBBPs can increase client satisfaction and continuation of treatment.  This presentation presents the rationale for routinely including a set of basic religious and spiritual competencies in training and practice settings and provides practical recommendations for clinical practice.

Dr. David Lukoff, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and co-author of the DSM IV and DSM 5 diagnostic category Religious or Spiritual Problem which increased awareness of spiritual issues in clinical practice. He has published over 80 articles on spirituality and mental health, and is an active workshop presenter internationally providing training in spiritual competency, loss, grief, death, recovery, and spiritual crises. He is a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA and previously served on the faculties of Harvard and UCLA. Dr. Lukoff has been recognized for his pioneering work as an Honoree on the Spiritual Awakenings International Circle of Honor.

Dr. Cassandra Vieten, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist, mind-body medicine researcher, author, consultant, and public speaker. She is Executive Director of the John W. Brick Foundation, Associate Scientist at the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at the University of California, San Diego, and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, where she served as President from 2013-2019. Her research has focused on spirituality and health, transformative experiences and practices, the development of mindfulness-based interventions for emotional well-being, and development of media technologies to inspire awe. She has authored three books, published numerous articles in scientific journals, and is an internationally recognized keynote speaker and workshop leader. 

photo of David Lorimer MA from France, Scientific and Medical Network

David Lorimer MA - France

Gnosis in a Future Science of Consciousness

The classical scholar Peter Kingsley has argued that the origins of Western philosophy are to be found in direct experiences of mysticism and gnosis [STEs] rather than in Socratic dialogue and reasoning, which was a later development. We have lost our roots and centre represented by the Self, and our identity is primarily shaped by outer factors corresponding to the third person and quantitative perspective of modern science. This also corresponds to what Iain McGilchrist would understand as the cultural dominance of the left-brain hemisphere at the expense of the right. The last 50 years have seen the rise of interest in Mystical and Near-Death Experiences and their significance for the nature of consciousness and reality. I will suggest that these are one expression of non-dual gnosis that can give us an insight into deeper structures of consciousness, where head and heart come together, pointing to an overall participatory approach beyond the dichotomy of subject and object.

David Lorimer, MA, PGCE, FRSA is a writer, lecturer, poet and editor who is a Founder of Character Education Scotland, Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network. He has also been editor of Paradigm Explorer since 1986. He was the instigator of the Beyond the Brain conference series in 1995 (www.beyondthebrain.org)  and has co-ordinated the Mystics and Scientists conferences every year since the late 1980s. Originally a merchant banker then a teacher of philosophy and modern languages at Winchester College, he is the author and editor of over a dozen books, most recently A Quest for Wisdom. David is also Chair of the Galileo Commission (www.galileocommission.org) which seeks the expand the evidence base of science of consciousness beyond a materialistic world view. His personal website is www.davidlorimer.co.uk

Childhood STE Experiencers Panel - "Surviving and Integrating Childhood NDEs/STEs"

Photo of Kirsty Salisbury NDE Experiencer and author

Kirsty Salisbury - New Zealand

Near Death to a Near Teenager. Kirsty will share how following a sudden illness and Near-Death Experience at age 12, in the blink of an eye, everything she Knew changed.  She found that everything she believed (or did not believe) was challenged, her perceptions were altered, and she started asking some of life’s biggest questions.  Embracing a ‘second chance at life’, Kirsty shares her outlook on life, death, and experiences in between

Kirsty Salisbury is a New Zealand based spiritually focused Life Coach and End of Life Doula exploring the topics of life, death and experiences in between. Following a Near-Death Experience at 12 years of age, Kirsty became passionate about widening the conversation around death and the afterlife. Through her podcast ‘Let’s Talk Near Death’ Kirsty shares personal stories of life after near death, and events of significant spiritual transformation. Outside of her podcast, Kirsty is a certified Funeral Celebrant and Author. Her latest book ‘Dying Well – An Approachable Guide to Death’ takes a holistic look at death, and how we can better prepare for this inevitable event.  Kirsty loves to help with practical tips, tools, and strategies to embrace living at our best. Kirsty loves being active, traveling and spending time with her family.

photo of Tamara Caulder Richardson

Tamara Caulder Richardson - USA

The Hidden Secret Behind My 5 NDEs: Surviving Childhood Sexual & Mental Abuse. Tamara will be sharing about five of her six NDEs from childhood and how they were surrounded and precipitated by ongoing sexual and mental abuse from a family member. She could not go to other family, teachers, ministers, nor friends to speak of the unspeakable horrors that she faced from age 3 ½ to 12 years. The adults she did talk to, ignored and pushed her away. Tamara speaks about the constant gaslighting, belittling, conversations of the sexualization of women, and being sexually abused like she was a prized stable horse while at the same time having five NDEs, all from parental neglect and abuse. This will be the first time Tamara will speak about this delicate subject so candidly. She is in hopes her story will free the souls of many that listen to how she went from an abused victim to a light warrior and spiritual leader. 

Tamara Caulder Richardson, aka, Southern Belle Medium® is a 6X Near-Death Experiencer and Multiple Spiritually Transformative Experiencer, Christ Channeler, Christian Minister, Mystic Seer, an International Evidential Medium, and a popular public speaker. Tamara was born in Hickory, North Carolina. She is of Cherokee and German-Swedish descent and was born with the gift of “sight”. Tamara believes that her 6 NDEs have enhanced her ability to see into hidden realms. Tamara trained for eight years in the British Style of Evidential Mediumship with International mediums and authors. Tamara has done medium stage shows for women’s expos, like the Southern Women’s Shows, at city convention centers before large audiences.  She was also the Founder and Past-President of IANDS Charlotte, and a former ISGO facilitator.  For 27 years Tamara owned and operated her award-winning advertising agency. Tamara is also an ordained Christian minister and a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  Tamara is the host of the popular YouTube Channel,  Seeking Heaven: The Near-Death Experience and Other Phenomena, a spiritual talk show that was created “by and for” other NDErs and STErs, and truth seekers, to create a loving soul community. Tamara is on the Spiritual Awakenings International (SAI) Advisory Board and is the chair of the SAI Marketing Committee.

Photo of Dr. Brian Sackett, PhD, NDE and STE Experiencer, Board member of Spiritual Awakenings International

Dr. Brian Sackett PhD - Canada and USA

Falling Into and Out of the Light.  Brian will describe a Near-Death Experience of falling out of a car going 60 miles per hour, as a 3-year-old child. He entered a bright white light but was scared and pulled away. Like many other childhood NDEr’s, this took many years for him to integrate and to understand how it affected him.  His investigation of the physical and emotional traumas from falling out of the car and subsequent processing and assimilating of the experiences will be the main topics of the talk.  All of this led to him developing a curiosity about life and spirit that unconsciously drove much of his subsequent life.

Dr. Brian Sackett, PhD, is a psychologist, previously in private practice in San Jose, CA, USA, and is a recent Toronto, Canada resident. He specializes in working with clients dealing with trauma and abuse, spiritual emergence, anxiety and couples’ communication issues.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics, from Stanford University, a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, and a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Brian has presented to the Toronto Awakenings Sharing Group, to the Spiritual Awakenings International first annual conference, to local IANDS groups, and at the annual IANDS conference in San Antonia, TX.  Brian facilitates an online meditation/self-inquiry group and currently does spiritual guidance and coaching.

photo of Dr, Stuart Sovatsky PhD, kundalini expert, psychologist, and author

Dr. Stuart Sovatsky PhD - USA

Circle of Honor Honoree

Near-Life Experiences: Mother Kundalini, Parenthood, Life Conceptions, and the End of Child Abuse

In Pariyanga Tantra of Tirumular, couples exchange powerful, natural entheogenic brain nectars [madhu-amrita] whereby they become “as god and goddess” with one another. Child conception, parenthood through great-grandparenthood becomes an endless miracle.  Current gender-strife and childhood widespread trauma-issues wither away in this complete maturation of the Spinal Heart Puberty that echoes for thousands of years in Pagan Fertility, Greco-Dionysian, Christ-Canaan Wedding Feast, Neidan-Taoist and Kundalini-Pariyanga “Dual Paths.” 

Dr. Stuart Sovatsky PhD is a scholarship graduate of Princeton University where he did earliest estradiol and first-ever DMT lab studies and wrote a first-ever Duality-NonDuality Senior Thesis. He was first in the US to bring yoga and meditation to incarcerated juveniles, homeless mentally-ill, and into schools and police departments in the mid-1970s, first-choice to clinically-direct Ram Dass Prison Ashram, Co-President of Association for Transpersonal Psychology for 16 years, Director of first-ever spiritual emergence Kundalini Clinic [est. L. Sannella, 1976], CIIS trustee for 20 years and its “Outstanding Forty-Years Graduate,” Convenor of a forty-country world family conference in India supported by The Office of The Dalai Lama. His yogic attainments include ardhanari gender unification, nabho-entheogenic madhu secretion and bhakti-infarction-recovery. In 2016 he thwarted a profiled shooter using only admiration and has over 35,000 clinical counseling hours experience including decades with nonmedication psychosis treatments, suicidality and divorce-reversal. He is founding consultant to green-award $34M Greencitylofts and 20-year chantmaster with AxisMundiTranceBand.  Dr. Stuart Sovatsky has been recognized for his groundbreaking work as an Honoree on the Spiritual Awakenings International Circle of Honor.

Photo of Mark Anthony, best-selling author, NDE Experiencer, medium

Mark Anthony JD

The NDE Zone: Connected by the Light from the Cosmic to the Subatomic. Throughout history people have seen “The Light” during Near-Death and Shared-Death Experiences, Death Bed Visions and After Death Communication. Understanding NDEs reveals how these phenomena are interconnected.  Physics teaches us “There is no matter there’s only energy which vibrates at different frequencies.”  In physical form our consciousness/soul/spirit resides in the slower energetic vibration of the body. Once released it transitions to the higher energetic vibration of the Other Side dimension. NDEs, SDEs, DBVs and ADC all occur between these two dimensions—The NDE Zone.

Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer (the Psychic Lawyer®) is a fourth generation psychic medium and an Oxford educated attorney licensed to practice in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court. Mark has an extensive background in science, quantum physics, survival of consciousness, NDEs, archaeology, philosophy and theology. He travels to remote corners of the world to explore Ancient Ruins and Supernatural Phenomena. Mark appears nationwide on TV & Radio including the CBS hit show “The Doctors,” and Gaia TV’s “Beyond Belief with George Noory” in the episode Quantum Leap to the Other Side with Mark Anthony. Mark co-hosts the live stream show The Psychic and The Doc Transformation Network and is a regular columnist for Best Holistic Life magazine. He is the author of the best sellers The Afterlife Frequency, Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go.

photo of Dr. Marie Grace Brooke, author, psychologist, STE researcher

Dr. Marie Grace Brooke PhD - USA

Recent Research on How People Integrate Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs). Dr. Marie Grace Brooke will be talking and answering questions about the research study: Brook, M. G. (2021). Struggles reported integrating intense spiritual experiences: Results from a survey using the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences Inventory. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 13(4), 464–481.  The study is based upon a survey that attracted 441 respondents from all continents and all major religions who stated that their Spiritually Transformative Experience took months to years to integrate. They filled out a Likert Scale inventory of 84 suggested ways to integrate STEs which were compiled from authorities in the field (Yvonne Kason, David Lukoff, Ryan Rominger, and Yolaine Stout). Findings shows strong statistical significance indicating that (1) people integrating different types of STEs answered the questions similarly, (2) people integrating STEs know intuitively what they need, and (3) psychiatry and psychiatric medications are usually not helpful and often detrimental to the integration process for STEs.

Marie Grace Brook, PhD, LCSW, CSD worked in diverse fields in between spiritually transformative experiences (STEs) that radically changed her life over several decades. She was a mountain alpine and climbing guide, then a wholistic healing artist and teacher, then a social worker, then a university professor, and eventually felt called to research how people integrate powerful spiritually transformative experiences. After completing a BA from Duke University, she earned certifications from Rocky Mtn. Healing Arts Institute, Rolfing Structural Integration Institute, and Upledger CranioSacral Institute, followed by a Masters of Social Work from Denver University and a PhD from Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She has served on the boards of American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences and Spiritual Emergence Anonymous, carries on a private practice and teaches Spiritual Direction, conducts research in related fields, and runs a modest retreat house with her husband in Santa Cruz, CA.

photo of Monique Rebelle, kundalini teacher

Monique Rebelle -USA and Poland

Full Kundalini Rising Experience and Its Results. Monique Rebelle will describe the following 8 main points: 1. From Personal to Universal – a short description of circumstances and process of the spontaneous Kundalini Awakening experience Monique went through, and the essential message contained in her teachings afterwards; 2. Various types of awakenings and types of Kundalini risings; 3. Rare Kundalini risings with Kundalini energy travelling through and exploring each chakra as a dimension of perception; 4. Main Insights from her own Experience; 5. The Structure and Function of OUR MULTIDIMENSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS SYSTEM;  6. The path to become a Fully Awakened Human;  7. Overview of Practices to Train and Cultivate Chakras; and 8. Our Future as Fully Awakened Beings.

Monique Rebelle, born in Poland, is an artist – a painter, spiritual teacher and author. After leaving her native country as a teenager, Monique lived, worked and showed her artwork in London (England), Paris (France) and several cities in the Netherlands. In 1986 she moved to the United States and lived in Los Angeles, California, when in 1992 her spontaneous kundalini rising took place. On the verge of suicide, she experienced a miracle that stopped her from ending her life and marked the beginning of a new, happy life. After years of contemplation of the phenomena, she became a spiritual teacher. Monique shares her insights in her book Transcendence Calling – The Power of Kundalini Rising and Spiritual Enlightenment, talks, workshops, private sessions and programs. She teaches her Our Multidimensional Consciousness System to better utilize our great potential as truly magical, beautiful, creative and beneficial beings. Monique lives in Reno, Nevada.

Panel En Espanol - "Las Bendiciones y Retos de ser un Experienciador" - Spanish Panel - "The Blessings and Challenges of being an Experiencer”

photo of Francisco Valentin, SAI Advisory Board member

Francisco Valentin - USA and Puerto Rico

Mi Dicha y Desafíos Desde mi ECM Hasta Llegar a ser el Intérprete de Maestro Ascendidos. Francisco participará en este panel para contar brevemente su historia, así como la dicha y desafíos a consecuencia de sus experiencias transcendentales. En su forma sin igual, Francisco busca aclarar toda duda y ayudar a superar los retos que surgen de estas experiencias. Su distinción estriba en su modo de explicar las cosas sin atadura religiosa o teológica alguna.

My Blessings and Challenges from my NDE to Becoming a Channel for Ascended Masters. Francisco will participate in this panel by briefly telling his STE story, the many blessings from his transcendental experiences as well as the challenges he had to face as a result of those experiences. In his unique way, Francisco will find ways to give you clarity and help you overcome those many challenges from firsthand experience. His uniqueness lies in the way he explains the afterlife without theological ties, this time around.

Francisco Valentín nació en Puerto Rico y hoy reside en Florida, USA. El es un verdadero ejemplo cuando se trata de Experiencia de Muerte (EM), Experiencia Cercana a la Muerte (ECM), Experiencia Extracorporal y muchas otras Experiencias Espiritualmente Transformadoras que lo han preparado para a ser hoy día el interprete de Maestros Ascendidos mejor conocidos como la Fuerza Colectiva de Conocimiento y Sabiduría. Su trayectoria comenzó en el 1979 cuando apenas recién cumplido sus dieciocho años de edad, sufrió un accidente automovilístico que le robó la vida y regresó con una misión no revelada por Seres de Luz hasta el 7 de Julio, del 2011.
Francisco ha sido enviado a compartir sus experiencias para atestar la existencia de la vida después de la muerte, la existencia de la intervención divina, y la comunicación con aquellos en el mas allá. Hoy su misión es traer de vuelta al mundo el muy por demás olvidado Concepto del Ser, donde todo ser es un mismo ser, según revelado por los Maestros Ascendidos mejor conocidos como la Fuerza Colectiva de Conocimiento y Sabiduría.

Francisco Valentín was born in Puerto Rico and currently lives in Florida, USA. He is a true example when it comes to Death Experience (DE), Near Death Experience (NDE), Out of Body Experience (OBE), and many other Spiritually Transformative Experiences that has led him to become today the interpreter of Ascended Masters known as The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom.
His life-changing experience began in 1979 when at age eighteen he was involved in a car accident that took away his life and returned with a mission not revealed to him until after 32 years later. Since 2011 Francisco has been compelled to share his experiences to attest that there is life after death, divine intervention, and communication with those from ‘the other side.’ Today, his mission is to help us all bring back to memory the long forgotten concept of Oneness as he speaks on behalf of The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom by bringing the message without theological ties, this time around.

Photo of Ingrid Honkala SAI Advisory Board member

Dr. Ingrid Honkala PhD - USA and Colombia

Las Consecuencias de mi Experiencia Cercana a la Muerte en la Niñez. La Dra. Ingrid Honkala nació y creció en Colombia. Desde muy pequeña sus padres descubrieron que sus habilidades de aprendizaje eran asombrosas, pero eso no era todo. Más tarde también descubrieron que ella podía ver y oír cosas que nadie más podía. Todo esto parecía estar relacionado con las secuelas de una experiencia cercana a la muerte (ECM) cuando se ahogó a la edad de dos años. Aunque sus ECMs y sus subsecuentes experiencias extracorpóreas y demás experiencias espiritualmente transformadoras (EETs) le dieron dones increíbles, pasó la mayor parte de su vida sintiéndose diferente y muy sola. Principalmente porque sus ECMs y EETs le abrieron puertas que estaban más allá de la comprensión de cualquier otra persona que ella conociera en ese momento, y solo a través de todos estos años, gracias a la ayuda y orientación que ha recibido de guías espirituales, maestros espirituales, libros y ahora por grupos como SAI, donde ella ha conocido a muchas personas que han vivido experiencias similares, ha sido capaz de comprender, integrar y compartir estas experiencias.

The Aftereffects of My Childhood Near-Death Experience. Dr. Ingrid Honkala was born and raised in Colombia. Since she was very little her parents discovered that her learning abilities were astonishing, but that was not all. Later they also discovered that she could see and hear things that no one else could. All this seemed to be tied up with the aftermath of a near-death experience (NDE) when she drowned at the age of two. Although her NDEs and following out-of-body and spiritually transformative experiences (STEs) gave her incredible gifts, she spent most of her life feeling different and alone; mainly because her NDEs and STEs opened for her doors beyond anyone’s understanding at the time, and only through all these years, thanks to the help and guidance that she has received from spirit guides, spiritual teachers, books and now by groups like SAI, where she has met many people who have lived similar experiences, she is able to understand, integrate and share about it. 

La Dra. Ingrid Honkala, PhD, se dio cuenta de la existencia de otras dimensiones de realidad desde su experiencia cercana a la muerte a los dos años, donde además obtuvo la capacidad de comunicarse con unos sabios Seres de Luz. Esto la ayudó a enfrentar los desafíos de crecer en su Colombia natal y encontrar su destino como científica y dadora de Luz. Sus estudios oceanográficos a nivel mundial y su amor por los viajes la han llevado a visitar 56 países del mundo. A lo largo de su vida se enfrentó con peligrosas zonas de guerra, exploraciones submarinas e hizo ciencia en un centro de investigación de la NASA. Todas estas vivencias la llevaron a aprender que cualquier experiencia humana puede ser iluminada desde adentro. En su autobiografía, “Una Vida Guiada en La Luz: Cómo Una Científica Aprendió a Escuchar Su Sabiduría Interior”, Ingrid detalla su increíble camino con los Seres de Luz. 

Dr. Ingrid Honkola, PhD, became aware of other life dimensions from her Near-Death Experience at two and was gifted with the wise input of Beings of Light. This helped her faced the challenges of growing up in her native Colombia and finding her destiny as a scientist and a giver of Light. Her worldwide oceanographic surveys and her love for travel have brought her to visit 56 countries. Throughout her journey she faced deadly war zones, underwater explorations and time at a NASA research center. As a result, she learned that any human experience can be illumined from within. In her autobiography, “A Brightly Guided Life: How a Scientist Learned to Hear her Inner Wisdom,” Ingrid details her amazing journey with the Beings of Light.

photo of Ana Cecilia González MEd, NDE and STE Experiencer, author and public speaker from Mexico

Ana Cecilia González MEd - Mexico

Mis Regalos Espirituales. Ana Cecilia nos compartirá cómo desde que inició su vida, con un inminente pronóstico de muerte, no solo la marcó, sino que le abrió las puertas a un sinfín de Experiencias Espiritualmente Transformadoras. Encuentros con seres de luz, experiencias fuera del cuerpo, conversaciones y visualizaciones de su futuro, la acompañaron en todo momento. Por momentos se cuestionaba qué hacía en este mundo. Esto la hizo sentirse distinta y que no pertenecía. Eran regalos que le ayudaban a encontrar su propósito, pero ella no lo sabía. Nos compartirá también, cómo después de su primera Experiencia Cercana a la muerte, y encuentro con ángeles, tuvo gran dificultad para comunicarse con sus seres queridos y familiares. Pasaron años antes de darse cuenta de que después de su experiencia, había desarrollado secuelas: a través de los sueños, recibía mensajes de seres espirituales, así como personas que ya habían partido a otro plano.

My Spiritual Gifts. Ana Cecilia will share with us how having started life with an imminent prognosis of death, it not only marked her, but also opened the doors to endless Spiritually Transformative Experiences. Encounters with beings of light, experiences out of the body, conversations, and visualizations of her future, always accompanied her. At times she wondered what she was doing in this world. This made her feel different and that she did not belong. They were gifts that helped her to find her purpose, but she didn’t know that. She will also share how after her first Near Death Experience, and an encounter with angels, she had great difficulty communicating with her loved ones and family. Years passed before she realized that after her experience, she had developed after-effects: through dreams, she received messages from spiritual beings, as well as people who had departed to another realm.

Ana Cecilia González, MEd, nació con una cardiopatía congénita de muy mal pronóstico. Inexplicablemente sobrevivió. A pesar de eso, se hizo abogada y es licenciada en Educación. Tiene dos hijos y trabaja en el negocio familiar. Tuvo encuentros repetidos con lo que llamó un “Fantasma de la Muerte”, pero luego descubrió que era un ángel que la cuidaba. Nunca habló de esto hasta que escribió su libro, Cuando Vivir no es Para Siempre, en 2015. En 1989, luego de una operación a corazón abierto, Ana tuvo un paro respiratorio y un paro cardíaco. Experimentó una Experiencia Cercana a la Muerte fascinante, así como varios encuentros con ángeles. El amor y los mensajes que recibió durante estos eventos, cambiaron su vida por completo. Desde 1990, ha tenido varias secuelas de ECM: experiencias extracorporales y comunicación con seres a través de sus sueños.

Ana Cecilia González, MEd, Attorney at Law, writer and speaker was born with a congenital heart condition with a very bad prognosis. She inexplicably survived. Despite that, she became a lawyer and has a degree in Education. She has two children and works in the family business. She had repeated encounters with what she called a “Death Ghost”, but later found out it was an angel taking care of her. She never talked about this until she wrote her book, When Life is not Forever, in 2015. In 1989, after an open-heart surgery, Ana had a respiratory arrest and a cardiac arrest. She experienced a fascinating Near-Death Experience, as well as several encounters with angels. The love and messages she received during these events, changed her life completely. Since 1990, she has had several NDE after-effects: out-of-body experiences, and communication with beings through her dreams.