"Bringing Us Together."

President’s Comments

Launch of the Veterans, Military, and First Responders program- Veterans/Remembrance Day.  November 11, 2020 marks the launch of the Spiritual Awakenings International Veterans, Military and First-Responders Program, facilitated by retired U.S. Army Major and SAI Secretary Linda Truax.  We will be commemorating Veterans Day and Remembrance Day on November 11, 2020, with a special presentation by Rev. John Price, retired State Area Command Chaplain (Colonel) of the Texas Military Forces.  He will share stories of STEs such as Near-Death Experiences that were told to him by US active military personnel and veterans, and how these STEs impacted their lives.

Please tell your active military and veteran friends about our special Veterans/Remembrance Day Event.   Although the event will be of interest to everyone, we wish to specifically reach out to veterans and active military for this presentation.

First-Responders Memorial event planned for May 2021.  To commemorate Police Officers Memorial Week and Fire-Fighters Memorial Day, which both occur in May, we will have a special First-Responders Memorial event on May 15, 2021. Retired Massachusetts State Police Officer of 22 years and current psychotherapist, Dr. Richard Kelly, will present his fascinating and ground-breaking research into the prevalence of After-Death Communications and other death-related spiritual experiences in First Responder personnel.

We are delighted to offer outreach to our veterans, active military, and first-responders, our silent heroes, to show our support, and to explore the special needs of these persons whom may have powerful STEs in life-threatening situations in their line of duty, as they often put themselves in harms way in order to keep the rest of us safe.

Congratulations to new Circle of Honor honorees.  As part of our research into pioneers in the STE field, the SAI Board and Advisory Board unanimously decided to add 3 more persons to the SAI Circle of Honor:

  • John Audette – co-founder of IANDS
  • Dannion Brinkley – groundbreaking multiple NDE Experiencer
  • Bill Guggenheim – pioneer describing After-Death Communications.

SAI would like to congratulate our new honorees, and tell subscribers that we will feature 2 of these groundbreakers as speakers in our planned first SAI online conference in June 2021.

Induction Ceremony for Circle of Honor honorees.  The SAI Board and Advisory Board plans to have a formal induction ceremony for all our SAI Circle of Honor honorees at our planned in-person SAI conference,  However, due to Covid restrictions, we are not sure when a live conference will be feasible.  We will advise you on the date of that conference and induction ceremony as soon as it is certain.

Welcome new international SAI affiliated groups.  We wish to extend a warm welcome to the two new SAI affiliated groups and networks that joined the SAI family in October 2020:

  • SEN Slovensko a Česko (Spiritual Emergence Network)/ SEN Slovakia and Czechia – based in Slovakia
  • Emerging Proud – based in the UK

Thank you to our subscribers in 33 countries. We are delighted that in just 4 months we have grown to have over 640 subscribers on 6 continents and in 33 countries, including but not limited to:
Australia, Belgium, Brazil, British Indian Ocean Territories, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, Guam, Hong-Kong China, India, Jordan, Lichtenstein, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States, US Outlying Islands, US Virgin Island. 

With blessings to you all,
Goodbye, Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Adios, addio, Ciao!

Dr. Yvonne Kason MD
Spiritual Awakenings International
“Bringing us Together”