"Bringing Us Together."

President’s Comments

“Bringing us Together” 
Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Buenos Dias, Buongiorno, Aloha!

Spiritual Awakenings International (SAI) wishes you and your family a very Happy New Year.  We hope you and your families are safe and healthy. 2020 has been one of the most volatile and challenging years in world history.  The coronavirus pandemic and economic distress have tested all of us in many different ways.  As the year comes to a close and a new year begins, we wanted to provide a short summary of SAI work on your behalf, and share some thoughts about how we can continue to grow in 2021.

2020 in Review

SAI is “by Experiencers for Experiencers”- relating to all types of Spiritually Transformative Experiences including Near-Death Experiences.  When we launched SAI on June 15, 2020, the pandemic had already hit. SAI ‘s top priorities were to:

  • launch the organization globally;
  • remain true to our founding mission to raise awareness about STEs and facilitate networking;
  • remain true to our business plan; and
  • provide inspiring and educational online presentations and information to help “Bringing Us Together”.

SAI has emerged to the point that has exceeded our wildest dreams.  Since launching we have rapidly grown to over 800 subscribers, spread across 40 countries on 6 continents, and with 28 affiliated groups globally. SAI is growing daily, and we thank you for all the support each of you has given.

Our SAI Presents events have been totally successful.   Each event has exceeded registration capacity, which led us to additionally stream each monthly event on Facebook to meet the demand.  SAI has had an international focus in choosing our speakers, which included presenters from Australia, England, Canada, and the USA in 2020.

We launched our Veterans, Military, and First Responders Program.  Veterans Day/Remembrance Day, November 11, 2020, we successfully launched our SAI Veterans, Military and First-Responders Program with an outstanding presentation by Rev. John Price on STEs among veterans and military personnel.  This program will be continued and expanded in 2021.

Our SAI Circle of Honor has recognized STE pioneers and ground-breakers from around the world.   Spiritual Awakenings International has been proud to honor and say thank you to some of the ground-breaking pioneers in the field of STEs and Spiritual Awakenings in the last 100 years. We are proud to have added two more European Honorees in December 2020, Dr. Pim Van Lommel from Holland, and Dr. Peter Fenwick from England, to add to our other Honorees from Canada, Hungary, India, Switzerland, and the USA.

The SAI Board has done extensive outreach to STE interested groups and individuals globally.  Our SAI Executive has been very active networking, reaching out via email, phone, and Zoom to STE related individuals and groups around the world, including to: Hong Kong, Australia, England, Spain, Lichtenstein,  Mexico, Nigeria, Canada, and all across the USA.  Our SAI President and Vice President have accepted a multitude of invitations in 2020  to present online to diverse groups, and will continue to do so in 2021, thus helping raise awareness about STEs and SAI. 

SAI is committed to free presentations and to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. SAI is determined to make all our presentations free to subscribers and not charge any subscription dues or fees.  We think the information about STEs needs to be shared widely, free of charge.  Voluntary donations will be sought to support our operating costs. SAI has also embraced diversity, equity, and inclusion, and has posted our commitment to DEI on our website.  SAI is open to all, and pledges to be all inclusive.

Our Commitment in 2021.

The “2021 New Year” ushers in a renewed commitment to making Spiritual Awakenings International even stronger.  As our number of subscribers continues to grow in the new year, and as we build an even larger network of affiliated groups, we pledge to continue to provide our subscribers around the world with outstanding free online presentations on a wide variety of STE topics..

We will be offering a powerful line up of SAI Presents events to kick off 2021.  In the first three months, each of our presentations will be given by a member of our SAI “Circle of Honor”, which is SAI’s version of a hall of fame.  The following are the speakers chosen for the next three months and their topics:

  • January Dr. Emma Bragdon  PhD– How Brazilian Spiritist have effectively managed Spiritual Emergency for 100+ years
  • February- Dr. Jeffrey Long MD – Evidence for the Afterlife: Groundbreaking discoveries from the largest NDE study ever reported
  • March– Dr. Bonnie Greenwell PhD– Impact of Kundalini Activation on Consciousness Shifts in Spiritual Awakening

We plan our inaugural First-Responders event May 15, 2021.   As an expansion of our Veterans, Military, and First Responders program, we will be honoring Police Officers Memorial Day, Police Week, and International Fire-Fighters Day which all occur in May, with our first SAI First Responders event.  Retired Police Officer and psychotherapist Dr. Richard E. Kelly will present his fascinating research on STEs in First Responders/Emergency Service Workers. 

Our first SAI conference is planned for June 12-13, 2021.  Our powerful monthly speakers will  lead up to our first SAI conference, to be held online Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13, 2021. We are scheduling our online conference to celebrate one year since the launch of SAI. We will feature some tremendously talented speakers, including some of our outstanding Circle of Honor honorees, and will also feature a variety of STE-related topics that will appeal to our subscribers.  Circle of Honor speakers confirmed to date include Bill Guggenheim, Dr. Bruce Greyson, and Dr. Francis Lu.

A top SAI priority is service to others. Ultimately, despite 2020’s challenges, SAI is proud that we stayed focused on our mission of service.  In so many ways, this has never been more important.  In the coming year, we’re committed to making SAI better each and every day for you.  

We welcome your suggestions and volunteer support.  If you have any suggestions to help Spiritual Awakenings International grow, or if you would like to volunteer to support SAI, please email us at the address below. 

We wish you a very Happy New Year.  As we enter 2021, on behalf of the SAI Board and Advisory Board, I would like to express our deep gratitude and wish everyone a very safe, happy, and healthy New Year.  

Happy New Year, Bonne année, Frohes neues Jahr, Feliz Ano Nuevo, Buon anno, Feliz ano novo

Dr. Yvonne Kason MD
Spiritual Awakenings International
“Bringing us Together”