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SAI Conference 2024 – Saturday, June 8 & Sunday, June 9, 2024

Saturday, June 8, 2024 - Sunday, June 9, 2024

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Patron Co-Sponsors: Toronto Awakenings Sharing Group. Co-Sponsored by, AJ Parr, Spiritual Journalist, Scientific & Medical Network, The Coincidence Project, Waking Up Spiritually


DAY 1 – Saturday, June 8, 2024.  

The Conference starts at 10:30 AM Eastern Time, which is 7:30 AM Pacific Time, 3:30 PM in the UK, 4:30 PM CET in EU, and Sunday, 2:30 AM in Auckland, NZ, 12:30 AM in Sydney Australia.

All times in Eastern Time EDT/Pacific Time PDT

10:30 AM EDT/ 7:30 AM PDT – Meditation – Brian Sackett

11 AM EDT/ 8 AM PDT-Brahmananda David Nowe –   Shaktipat: The Great Awakening

12:30 PM EDT/9:30 AM PDTWilliam Peters – Shared Crossings

PARALLEL STREAM 12:30 PM EDT/ 9:30 AM PDT/ 6:30 PM CET in Spain – Spanish Panel, Dr. Lujan Comas, Hilda Sanchez, Cecilia Chiarpotti (Requires seperate registration)

2 PM EDT/11 AM PDT- Panel – NDE Experiencers:  Felicity DeMartino, Lori Ellis, Donna Rebadow, Rev Dr. Norma Edwards

3:30 PM EDT/11:30 AM PDT – Dr. Yvonne Kason – Purifying the Heart- 5 Essential Stages on the Spiritual Path

5 PM EDT/ 2 PM PDT- David & Rhonda Ings – Living Our Love

6:30 PM EDT/ 3:30 PM PDT Panel – Supporting STE Experiencers: Dr. Alexander Moreira-Almeida & Dr. Francis Lu

8 PM EDT/ 5 PM PDT Panel – Spiritual Awakenings Down Under: (Australia Sunday 10 AM AEST) Stephen Paul Chong, Jaida Simone, Paulina Howfield, Dr Vered Kilstein

9:15 PM EDT / 6:15 PM PDT – Evening meditation – Dana Taylor

SAI Conference 2024 – Day 2 – Sunday, June 9, 2024

All times in Eastern Time EDT/Pacific Time PDT

10:30 AM EDT/7:30 AM  PDT– Meditation – Rabbi Yoel Glick

11 AM EDT/ 8:00AM PDT – Dr. Raymond Moody – Near-Death Experiences (interviewed live by Dr. Yvonne Kason)

12:30 EDT/ 9:30 AM PDTPanel –STE Experiencers (UK 5:30 PM):

Dr Alex Burdyga (UK), Dayna Dunbar, Omar Angulo, Ken Bell,

2 PM EDT/11AM PDT–Brent Spirit – Kundalini Awakening

3:30 PM EDT/12:30 PDT -Father Nathan Castle Helping Stuck Souls Cross Over

5 PM EDT/2 PM PDT – Panel – Exploring Spiritual Consciousness

Dr. Siri Zemel, Philip Goldberg, Antonia Albana, Spiritual Emergence Anonymous with Dr. Marie Grace Brook

6:30 PM EDT/ 3:30 PM PDT – Panel – STE Researchers: Dr. Jeffrey Overall (CDN), Valerie Leigh Varan, Dr. Janet Elizabeth Coli, Dr. Ann Berger-Knorr

7:45 PM EDT– Spanish Music – Roxana Rio

8 PM EDT/ 5 PM PDT –¿Cómo nos Comunicamos con el Mundo Espiritual? (in Spanish): Ana Cecilia Gonzalez, Dr. Ingrid Honkala, Francisco Valentin

Events are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length, except the meditations and music that is 15 minutes long.  

There will be a 15 minute break between events.

Suggested Conference Donation $50 to $200Donate NowSAIdonate.org



Saturday, June 8, 2024
Sunday, June 9, 2024


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