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In this talk, Kirsty spoke about her own Near Death Experience during emergency brain surgery at aged 12, as well as some of the themes that have come out of the many conversations she has had on the Let’s Talk Near Death podcast Kirsty shared how her experiences and conversations have led her to become friends with the concept of death, and how she believes that spiritual experiences surround us all.  Kirsty discussed how her brush with death has taught her how to embrace living, and how it showed her that both life and death can be an extremely exciting adventure.


Kirsty Salisbury is a New Zealand based speaker, podcaster and coach exploring the topics of life, death and experiences in between.  Following a Near Death Experience at 12 years of age, Kirsty is passionate about widening the conversation around death and the afterlife.  Through her podcast ‘Let’s Talk Near Death’ Kirsty shares personal stories of life after near death, and events of significant spiritual transformation.

Kirsty is a Co-Founder of IANDS Down Under, (an SAI Affiliated Group), a certified ISGO Facilitator, founder of the Let’s Talk Near Death Online Community (www.letstalkneardeath.com), and host of the Auckland Death Cafe.
Outside of her podcast, Kirsty is a certified Funeral Celebrant and Author.  Her books ‘A Life by Design’ and ‘Dying Well’ help to empower others to delve deeper into the topics of resilience, regrets, and how we can take a holistic approach to both life and death. Kirsty Salisbury is a Spiritual Awakenings International Advisory Board member.