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Although it may seem a lonely journey here on Earth, we are guided constantly in both the minutest details of life, and the most stupendous soul-altering events. Faith and belief in the forces beyond the veil opens divine portals, helping us intuit, see, and understand our path in life. We are never alone. Daily there is guidance from deceased family members, ancestors, an army of angels and archangels, spirit guides, gurus, enlightened souls, masters, sages, and saints, constantly trying to guide, support, inspire, and sustain us. Often it is as simple as asking for guidance daily and trusting in a benevolent universe. Through a series of human and divine interventions, dreams, visions, channelling, synchronicity, communication from the other side, three dark night of the soul experiences, and a near-death experience where she was near fatally burned but survived, Dr. Marina Quattrocchi offers proof that help is available for everyone.

Dr. Marina QuattrocchiDr. Marina Quattrocchi is a former photojournalist, elementary school teacher, and secondary English teacher, with a life-long interest in dreams, meditation, and spirituality. Through her business Dreamscapes she offers a variety of services including yoga and qigong classes, workshops, dream therapy, tarot readings, and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessments, all with the goal of helping clients form a deeper connection with spirit. Her first book Dreamwork Uncovered grew from her doctoral thesis where she worked with secondary students and their dreams. Her second book “The Genius of Spirit: Using Dreams, Meditation, and Self-Awareness to Stop Insanity and Help Humanity” explains that genius, balance, and harmony, is the intended destiny of everyone. She is currently working on a third book dealing with spiritual illusion. After spending most of her life in Toronto’s GTA, in 2019 she relocated to her hometown, Smiths Falls, where she enjoys being closer to water and nature.