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Multiple Spiritually Transformative Experiences have profoundly impacted Dr. Jean MacPhail’s life. She will describe four twenty-year cycles in which she had a repeating pattern of noetic experiences (mystical experiences) that served to get her through, survive, and thrive in rather difficult circumstances. The pattern included working with an advanced spiritual teacher and experiencing at least one massive noetic event that swept away the obstructions and gave her the ability to redefine herself and her ongoing life.

Jean was puzzled by the regularity of these transformative cycles and tried to find some pre-existing system that could explain such a pattern. By sheer happenstance, she was introduced to the “Four Steps of the Atman” or chatushpad of East Indian Vedanta. She presented this model successfully as a doctoral thesis (2013), to correspond with a quantum statistician whose work confirms much of hers. Jean presently has her work published in a compilation of works of prestigious scientists and humanitarian thinkers in both India and the West. 

Join us for this live, online event! There will be a Question & Answer period after the talk.

Dr. Jean C. MacPhail, Ph.D., MB, ChB., Pravrajika Gayatriprana (Vedantic nun)

Dr. Jean C. MacPhail, Ph.D., MB, ChB., Pravrajika Gayatriprana (Vedantic nun)
Born in 1941 and raised in Scotland, Jean graduated as a medical doctor from Edinburgh University in 1965. She moved to the US in 1968 and spent her time working in the medical profession, including at Harvard University, where she was a fellow in neuropathology, 1971-73. When Jean entered her mid-thirties, she decided to become a Vedantic nun, living and studying at ashramas in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. She received the full vows of a Vedantic nun, and assimilated the four step model of consciousness. 
In 2013, she was awarded a PhD on the subject from Viadrina University in Frankfort on Oder in Germany. Jean left formal monasticism after 40 years and moved back to Scotland in 2017, where she enrolled in Academia. There she have found an audience more open and widely responsive to her work than she did in the religious or academic worlds.
Books by Dr. Jean MacPhail: