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Rev. Catherine Chapey has had a lifetime of spiritually transformative experiences (STEs), which started at birth and eventually opened her consciousness to True Reality, which is love, unity, connection and oneness. Her experiences include NDEs, OBEs, mystical experiences, spontaneous kundalini awakenings, and spiritual awakenings, where she has experienced oneness with the divine and connecting with spirit guides, angels, and deceased loved ones in spirit. She has had several shared death experiences with loved ones and with her loving fur babies. Catherine is a contactee of many different UFOs, ETs, interdimensional beings, orbs, and other phenomena, which she has documented, filmed, and photographed for 18 years.

These STEs helped her know at a young age that we are much more than bodies. As an adult, the spirit world kept appearing to her. Through a series of synchronicities, she was led to a spiritualist church where she learned to meditate, quiet her mind, and connect with Spirit. Asking to know God and to meet her spirit guides, she had a full spontaneous spiritual/kundalini awakening, where her consciousness expanded and she was immersed in blissful experiences of infinite love, the True Reality. Her consciousness and life opened to God’s endless love, the spirit world, angels, interdimensional beings, UFOs, ETs, orbs, synchronicities, and years of ongoing communications and other phenomena, with all the fun, creative, loving, joy-filled ways they have come through, letting her know that “they are here,” that “we are all connected,” and that “we are never alone.”

Rev. Catherine Chapey

From Long Island, New York, Rev. Catherine Chapey is an Ordained InterSpiritual Minister, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Spiritualist Medium, Healer, and Trance Channel for “The Council of Light.” She is also a Certified Hypnotist and a Level 2 Hypnotist in the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) developed by the late Dolores Cannon, who trained Catherine directly in 2014. Catherine is also a writer, artist and future author.

Catherine is passionate about helping STEers and spreading awareness about all types of STEs. For eight years, she has hosted and facilitated monthly sharing groups, now on Zoom: “Safe Space Sharing”, “UFO ET Experiencers”, and “Spiritual Experiencers”, held on the first, second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 7:00pm EST. Two of the monthly meetings are posted on Youtube channels. To register for the meetings or find more Information, visit https://bit.ly/m/CatherineChapey or email Catherine at UFOETExperiencers@gmail.com.