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Carlos Vivas had a life-changing Near-Death Experience (NDE) when he was swept out into the ocean by a riptide, and rescued by dolphins. Carlos will share his miraculous and inspiring NDE story in detail. He will describe how he died, went to heaven, and what he experienced “on the other side.” Carlos will tell us why he was sent back to Earth after the NDE, and how he now has a new purpose in life.  

Carlos’s beautiful NDE and dolphin rescue story will inspire anyone seeking spiritual answers to life’s questions. It gives comfort and hope to people who feel lonely and lost in this world, or who have lost hope in the future. In these challenging times, and following the pandemic’s social isolation, many people feel deprived of love and affection and yearn for acceptance from their family and society. Carlos hopes that by sharing his remarkable story it will help others find a new perspective on life and enable them to live their best moments in the future. 

Carlos is and will be eternally grateful for his Near-Death Experience. It opened the door to a greater purpose in his life that makes him feel more alive! Now, he feels a responsibility to share his message with the world because he wants everyone to appreciate the treasures around them. He wants others to open the doors in their hearts and minds to a higher purpose in life, to something that brings them self-satisfaction and makes them feel alive and excited to achieve their goals. 

Join us for this live, online event! There will be a Question & Answer period after the talk.

After surviving cancer and a near-death experience, Carlos Vivas now dedicates his life to helping others. Born in Venezuela, Vivas is a former personal care assistant who enjoys visiting hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices to pray with those who are sick or suffering.
 After losing his mother to breast cancer, he helps other families affected by the same disease. He is passionate about suicide prevention, feeding the homeless, and helping the U.S. Marine Corps through their Toys for Tots program.
Vivas competes in obstacle races and loves exploring nature, especially visiting waterfalls, climbing mountains, and swimming in the ocean. He also spends time with friends at music festivals, camping, or sitting around a bonfire.